Head Start for Education and Employment

Language, education and certification are essential for successful participation in social and professional life. Until now, support programs for young „tolerated“ (geduldet) or „permitted“ (gestattet) refugees has been limited, but the Ministry of Work, Health and Social Affairs together with the Ministry of Children, Family, Refugees and Integration have recently created the „Head Start for Education and Employment“. Through special work and education programs, refugees  between the ages of 18 and 27 and also other young people (e.g. EU2 immigrants without entitlement to SGB (Code of Social Law)) will be assisted in taking their first steps in the professional world.

Measures of the state initiative „Head Start for Education and Employment“ in Warendorf County

In accordance with the application for the state initiative, the Local Integration Center (Kommunales Integrationszentrum) has run a participation-oriented analysis to determine its current status and future needs. Specific and appropriate measures have been developed for Warendorf County and will now be implemented in cooperation with various partners: