Coaching assistance for apprenticeship seekers, apprentices, future apprentices and young employees

Accessible and individually-adapted councelling and assistance can be of great help for successful professional orientation. A coach will follow each participant continously to meet any work and education related challenges.  Problems can be detected early and handled accordingly through such individual coaching.

Among other things, coaching will consist of and focus on: escorting participants to interviews, administrative support, making connections and follow-ups with employers, easing potential barriers within companies, general encouragement and motivation, removal of motivational blocks, ensuring regular participation in the various offers of the state initiative and consideration of foreign law aspects.

Coaching locations in Warendorf County

Appointments with coaches will be made individually and do not necessarily have to take place on the institution's premises. The 50 available coaching placements in Warendorf County are divided as follows:

  • Ahlen: 20 placements – Cooperating partners Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund and Bildungsinstitut Münster (10 places each)
  • Beckum: 10 placements - Cooperating partner Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund
  • Oelde: 10 placements - Cooperating partner  Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund
  • Warendorf: 10 placements - Cooperating partner Bildungsinstitut Münster


Standorte Ahlen, Beckum und Oelde

Coach für  Ahlen und Beckum
Svenja Lorenz
Tel.: 0160 928 701 00

Standort Ahlen 
„Haus der Talente“
Parkstraße 50                
59227 Ahlen 

Standort Beckum
Nordstraße 5
59269 Beckum

Coach für Oelde
Kaniwar Majid  
Tel.: 0160 934 353 07

Standort Oelde
Ratsstiege 1
59302 Oelde

Standorte Ahlen und Warendorf

Coach für Ahlen und Warendorf
Katharina Hülsmann 
Tel.: 0 2382 766 8009

Standort Ahlen
Bismarckstraße 10 
59229 Ahlen

Standort Warendorf
Südstraße 14
48231 Warendorf

Kathrin Mühlenbäumer
Tel.: 0 2382 766 8005