Group offers for apprenticeship and employment preparation

Having spent only a few years in Germany, teenagers and young adults often lack sufficient knowledge of the German educational system. In many cases, they have graduated in a foreign country and documents about possible scholastic career orientation are not available. Therefore, the participants will need to be thoroughly prepared to enter the educational and professional world. Among other things. the courses will focus on: analysis of individual potential and suitability, soft-skill training, practical career orientation, company tours and vocational field orientation, preparation of application documents, interview training and cultural sensitization.

Target group
These measures are addressed to young people between the ages of 18 and 27 with the legal status „tolerated“ (geduldet) or „permitted“ (gestattet).

Time and place
The lessons take place at the course provider's premises in Ahlen or Warendorf. New courses can be started according to individual needs at any time during the project period.

Application and questions
Dariusz Barczuk 
Tel.: 0 2382 88 999 23

SBH West GmbH
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